What I see, and how I see it.

‍Born in Utah in 1953, I lived in Whittier, California, until my family moved to the North Island of New Zealand.  I had my 5th birthday on a steamship, called the S.S. Orcades, halfway across the Pacific Ocean.  I come from a large family of 10, and I’ve lived in New Zealand, Hawaii, California, and Thailand (also 8 months in Spain, 8 months in Puerto Rico, and 8 months in the Philippines, all during my military service).

‍I am a U.S. Navy veteran having served in the Seabees (USNMCB-1) as a Construction Mechanic Petty Officer second class.  I have a Master’s Degree in psychology from Chapman University in Orange, California, and I taught school in the Lancaster School District for 20 years.  I retired in 2015 at 63 years of age, while I was still young enough to enjoy life and still pursue my various hobbies, such as scuba diving, travel, music, sports, playing pool and darts in my favorite bar, and, of course, photography!

‍I have been living in Bangkok since August of 2015, and I don’t see many scenarios in which I could be happier!  I am a member of the Bangkok Photographers Group which is run by long-time professional photographer, Dennie Cody.  Dennie has become a mentor and friend, and I appreciate both!  I also belong to the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand.

‍I got my first camera in my teens, an old Kodak black and white film camera with a twist frame advance.  I graduated to 26mm cassette-type Kodak cameras, after which I bought a couple of Asahi Pentax 35mm film cameras in the mid-1970s.  When the digital age came about, I used a digital Olympus point-and-shoot, along with an underwater camera and dedicated strobe (Sealife).  A few years ago, I decided to go back to an SLR, so I bought Nikon’s basic model, the D3300.  I use two lenses, an 18-55mm Nikkor and a 55-300mm Nikkor zoom.  I now shoot exclusively manual RAW format, and once in awhile I might bounce or fill with a hot-shoe strobe.  In the studio, the lighting will vary, but I do prefer ambient light.

‍For post-processing, I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and the Nik collection for cataloging, post-processing, and various forms of experimentation with images. All my finished images are post-processed, i.e., edited, “Photoshopped”.

‍I’m not sure what I like to photograph most. I love travel, so capturing culture, nature, and architecture is readily available, especially in a city like Bangkok.  Less available and much more intimidating is portraiture, especially glamour and nude art.  My photography and my vision is improving with the constant practice of workshops and photo walks.  My challenge is to have my viewers see what I saw at the time, and in doing so, get the same feeling of mood, inspiration, or wonder that prompted me to take the photo in the first place!

‍For those of you who read this far, thank you for your visit, and please feel welcome to return at any time.

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