Urban - City Images

Exiting the escalator at the MBK.
Household items on a mobile cart.
Neighborhood dogs looking through a fence.
Items stowed away under the edges of a khlong.
Foot rest on a Bangkok sidewalk.
Cranes around a building under construction.
Bus passenger asleep with a young lady beneath him.
Security guards for the Prime Minister packing into a skytrain car.
A sprout growing out of a fence.
The feet and legs of a pedestrian on a sidewalk.
Feet and legs of some motorcycle taxi drivers.
Kids confronting me on the street.
A different angle of some Bangkok architecture.
A red taxi next to a red fence grating.
A construction worker painting but almost hidden.
Government soldiers in a truck and passing a store front.
A look at the Chong Nonsi BTS Skywalk with a framed pedestrian.